"Mess is in a class by himself as a Maine contemporary artist," writes Daniel Kany in the Maine Sunday Telegram

Jonathan received some excellent praise in Daniel Kany's review of The Stable Gallery in today's Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. Kany writes, "Mess is in a class by himself as a Maine contemporary artist. His ceramic sculptures are built up like sediments, and take on geological logic through their construction and firing processes.

The slips, glazes and clays shift, expand and shrink at varying rates in a way that mirrors geological activity on a macro level. What we see are cross-sections of layers of dynamic color and form with organic activity defining them. They are fascinating and powerful objects."

Read more in the article here: "Art Review: Among the many at Stable, clay bubbles to the top".

A selection of Jonathan Mess's ceramic sculptures and wall tiles are available at The Stable Gallery in Damariscotta, Maine through mid-October, and his ceramic sculptures will be featured in the Center for Maine Contemporary Art Biennial from September 29 through December 2. Come see them in person!