Jonathan Mess in Homo Faber - Man As Maker at Remote

Landfill No.16

Jonathan Mess has been featured in Anna Gleeson's exhibition, Homo Faber: Man As Maker at Remote.

Remote is an online arts publication working as an evolving exhibition platform for artists and curators. Each project is the curatorial work of invited curators and/or artists that evolves over the duration of the online exhibition/publication. At the end of the 6 month span allotted to each project, the works will be de-installed, edited and made into a hard-copy book which will be available for purchase online and in some specialist shops.

Homo Faber – Man as Maker is curated by Hong Kong based artist Anna Gleeson. It explores making as an activity in its own right, featuring tangible things that can contain a small aesthetic universe with their own vocabulary of materials, shapes, colours and surfaces, tracing the series of decisions the maker has made and noticing the mark of the hand, machine or process that made it.

This was a great opportunity for Jonathan to reflect on his creative process in the context of a variety of other makers. Please take a moment to check out this interesting project: