Fertile Ground at Santa Fe Clay

Fertile Ground at Santa Fe Clay, featuring Jonathan MessFertile Ground opens this Friday, 5-7PM at Santa Fe Clay, with a crit by Garth Clark before the opening... Fertile Ground John Chwekun, Nathan Craven, Walter McConnell, Jonathan Mess, and Cheryl Ann Thomas Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, New Mexico In conjunction with Critical Santa Fe Symposium October 24 − December 4, 2010 Opening Reception: Friday, October 29th, 5-7PM

Santa Fe Clay writes, "The work in this five person exhibition is tied together by a common interest in material, yet is diverse in the way each artist pushes the limits of what is possible with clay.

From the tumbling, collapsing finely coiled vessels by Cheryl Ann Thomas, to the thinnest threadlike ceramic constructions by John Chwekun, these two artists experiment with the fragility and delicacy of clay taken to inconceivable extremes. Walter McConnell makes installations with solid, unfired, raw clay, creating temporary 'encapsulated environments' that are assembled on-site for the exhibit. Nathan Craven builds porous extruded tile installations that can be walked on, or integrated into architecture. Jonathan Mess fires solid layers of clay and glazes to form 'landfills' of abstract color from assorted ceramic materials."